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Reflective Foil Insulation
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Alububble Foil Insulation
Alububble Insulation
Alububble Foil Insulation
Foil Insulation
Alububble Reflective Foil Insulation     Radiant Barrier   Vapour Barrier    Class 1 Fire Rating     Cost Effective      Easy To Use      Made in Ireland
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Reflective insulation
Thin R Insualtion
Irish made insulation
A laminated structure made with aluminium foil protected by an ultra thin cellulose coating to give durability and corrosion resistance without reducing the reflective properties. The foil is laminated to both sides of a layer of bubbles which trap air inside creating a cost effective, flexible insulation.
What is Alububble?
Alububble foil insulation
How does it work?
Heat flows from a warm medium to a cold medium in three ways:

1. By Radiation from a warm surface to a cooler surface through an air space.
2. By Conduction through solid or fluid materials.
3. By Convection involving the movement of air.

ALUBUBBLE helps reduce that transfer of heat in a number of ways. The low emmitance foil surface blocks up to 97% of the radiation. This is very easy to demonstrate yourself. Turn on a ring on your cooker to a low level and place your hand 6" above it. You'll feel the heat immediately. Now hold a 12" square sheet of kitchen foil miday between your hand and the hob and you'll notice that most of the heat is reflected back away from your hand. ALUBUBBLE works in the same way. The two foil surfaces reflect heat away. The bubbles of trapped air between the two foils help reduce heat loss through convection. Thirdly, beacuse ALUBUBBLE is fitted with an airspace on either side the foil, it prevents heat loss through conduction.

Reflects 97% of radiant energy
Non Toxic / Non Carcinogenic
Class A Fire Rating Flame Retardant
Effective Vapour Barrier
Helps prevent condensation problems
Convenient rolls sizes - 1.2m x 25m
Cost efficient with quick and easy installation
No protective clothing or breathing apparatus required
Does not promote the nesting of insects or rodents
Does not compress, collapse or disintegrate
ALUTAPE is aluminium tape used to seal any joins, overlaps or tears. 50mm-75mm-100mm
Faulkner Group. Unit 2 Cloverhill Industrial Estate, Clondalkin, Dublin 22. Ireland.  Ph. 01 464 7300    Fax. 01 464 7399   E-mail
ALUBUBBLE is a multi layer air-bubble insulation with reflective aluminium foil on both sides with a flame retardant bubble layer. It is an effective insulation material, which works by trapping pockets of air within itís structure and by the reflective surface of the foil layers.The foil works in conjunction with the air spaces in the construction to enormously reduce heat loss due to thermal radiation. ALUBUBBLE is waterproof and will act as a complete vapour barrier once all the joints are foil tape sealed
Reflective Foil Insulation
Reflective Foil Insulation
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